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barbed wire

When will we say it’s not a freedom, if it doesn’t include everyone?

When will the majority stand up and demand that common sense prevail over special interests?

When will we insist on, invest in and protect our most powerful weapon: an educated public?

When will we all take a long look at religion and say, it can’t be a religion if it promotes:

death to non-believers
hatred for those who are different
any kind of exclusion?

When will we require pundits to study -and fairly represent- both sides of an issue before preaching?

When will we demand that our politicians do what is right, not what is expedient?

Vote for everyone’s future is right, not just their re-election chances?
Vote for what is forward thinking, not interest-preserving?

When will we tell the 24 hour news cycle it’s not news if it’s not facts?

When will we demand that our government (who has a job to do), our spying agencies (who have a job to do), our local and national security forces (who have a job to do) not treat all of us equally as criminals?

When will we demand of technology and the investment community to solve real-world problems rather than create more ways of collecting profile data for targeted advertising?

When will we require ourselves to be more active, more engaged in our communities and the decisions that are thirsting for our attention?

When will we wake up and realize our freedoms are being chipped away, that stupidity, apathy and sloth are the sharpest pick axes?

When will we believe again that there is virtue in compromise?

chess downed pawn


The time to start is … now.