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Priorities amuck

So we go through this hand-wringing exercise at the end of every summer with our public school system: the kids cannot afford to miss preseason practice because they will miss games. A couple of years ago we went away during the last week of August for a major family reunion and the kids did not play in the first few games of the season until they attained a specific number of days of practice.

Now […]

Heard on *Local Phone Monopoly* Customer Service Call

Now I do like my *Local Phone Monopoly* company, but I have had occasion to call them any number of times when FIOS (oops!) just wasn’t working as advertised.

So I would dutifully dial the customer service number and while waiting for a real person to answer the other end, a very chipper female voice informed me that “if you are having trouble connecting to the internet with FIOS and you don’t want to stay […]

How to tell a product really sucks

Easy clue: if at the end of a commercial you hear “And if you act now, we’ll throw in a second one for free!! Just pay shipping and handling.”

That’s the only clue you need.

Some fun examples

Buy a Dodge Ram and get a 2nd FREE!! The Perfect Taco Tortilla Bowl Maker Buy one home, get a second house … FREE! Buy one Hair? Get one Free? Buy one wig, get another FREE!

Ooops! […]

The Gardener

There once was a man who loved to garden. Year after year he would work in his gardens. At first his gardens were quite ordinary, but as the years went by they developed a certain maturity. His neighbors, unbeknownst to him, would throw small parties so that others could appreciate his gardens. His gardens, over the years, became the talk of the county. Everyone he passed on the street, if they recognized him, would remark […]

The Unscrupulous Rickshaw Driver

Based [loosely] on a true story …

There once was an unscrupulous rickshaw driver who gouged unsuspecting tourists charging them hundreds of dollars for very very short rides. He explained that the extra money was taxes he had to assess.

Word spread and the city began to experience a decline in tourism. When news of the unscrupulous rickshaw driver reached the ears of city officials, they had him arrested. There was a long […]

Solving the Oil Crisis

Uh-oh, seems like a dropping price in oil is a bad thing, because it must mean that economies are slowing down! Are we nuts?

Ok, America uses 60% of all the oil produced every day. That’s a lot of oil. If you remember, 3 years ago GM announced that they had invented a car that could get 230 mpg. That could go a looooong way in reducing oil consumption by us fat cats and be […]