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245 years in prison

A sentence was handed down the other day to someone who had committed an especially horrific cold-blooded set of murders. The judge in the case set the sentence at 245 years.

I ask, what’s the point? What’s the point of throwing someone in jail for the rest of their lives? Do we expect this person to become rehabilitated? Are we punishing them to the point that -we hope that- they will regret their mistake every […]

Finally!! Truth in Advertising! :)

Regrettably, this is about as truthful an ad as I’ve heard in a long time […]

Advertising’s Leaps of Faith

Listen carefully to a commercial and you will invariably hear that one sentence in which the starting “fact” has nothing to do with the concluding evidence. It’s advertiser’s “leap of faith”.

But before we jump in, a few basic tenets about advertising that we all need to carefully consider and fully understand: