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Bad Greed: A Baseball Analogy

We’ve all been there, that is, all of us baseball fans …

The home team is down by a run or tied, it’s getting late in the game and our boys haven’t been doing such a great job lately of pushing runs across. Suddenly we have men on second and third, no outs, and the meat of the order coming up. What happens? A dribbler to the pitcher. One out. Strikeout. Two outs. Strikeout. Three […]

Sustainable Capitalism – oxymoron?

It is a truism that Capitalism relies heavily on growth and greed (both good and bad, though, bad greed is only determined in hindsight). [still in progress]

A company is formed and begins to make money. Modest annual gains. The company could continue in this fashion for years, except there’s a problem. Without much-better-than-inflation growth, the company won’t be able to pay its people more each year in terms of salary increases or bonuses or […]

AT&T’s 3G SmartPhone commercial – round #2

Previously, I commented rather dumbfoundedly on AT&T’s 3G smartphone radio commercial solving the world’s problems. And here they go again … 🙂

The new commercial has the situation in which a guy goes to a pet store to buy a fish, but he can’t buy fish type 1 because it eats fish type 2 and fish type 3 eats fish type 4 and on and on. The poor guy is flummoxed: what to do? where […]

Miley Cyrus lap dancing

Ah, hypocrisy. I couldn’t resist. Here is the lap dance video on TMZ.

First of all, that ain’t no lap dance, that’s just silly (okay, provocative) dirty dancing. But here’s the really disturbing quote from the article:

The people who shot the video say they were offended by the dirty dancing — which included a graphic lap dance.

They were offended by the dirty dancing???? They were so offended they had to keep filming?? They […]

The Rat Cage

Ahhh, Nature. Ahh, creative destruction and survival of the fittest.

Ever been compared to a rat? It’s not pleasant but the point to the article in the link is … well, let’s just quote it directly, shall we?

Many people will find it difficult to compare human populations to rat populations. Many humans will suffer for that cognitive impairment. When a pair of reproductively competent rats are placed in a closed space and provided with […]

On Avatar: a completely American enigma

Unapologetic, I stand before you and apologize for my recent spate of cynicism, though, it’s far from over. There were a couple of news items recently, one in particular, that had me reaching back to Avatar as an example of my warped shoot-from-the-hip thinking.

Here’s a movie in which we hail “the hero” for saving a planet and a people different from us. But wait? How did he get to be the hero? By lying, […]