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2,775,000,000 hours pissed away (yes, that’s billions)

Work with me on this …. the average American watches 37 hours of television per week. If you throw out half the population (babies, the elderly and infirmed) that still leaves 150mm people watching 37 hours of TV per week. That’s 5.5billion hours of passive television viewing a week. Cut that in half and you get 2,775,000,000 hours of sitting around and doing virtually nothing but watching television every week.

Don’t you think we […]

How can small companies make money from social media?

Here is the article with the above headline. When you finish reading it, I would ask you to tell me if you learned a single useful fact from the article that will tell you how to make money from social media. I couldn’t find a one. I can’t tell you if Has Bean Steve is actually successful or not (the fact that he is all over the internet doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s actually making […]

What’s wrong with this picture?

Ok, this is a nice little article. Gives one a little insight into some success stories regarding how social networking can help a business. But what caught my eye was the following quote:

While mulling over a paper on nicotinic receptors, he [Severio Gentile] connected with two researchers he’d never worked with before — though they were all in the same building. “Without the social network, even though we were a few meters apart, we […]

Is there a better place to work?

You have to love the Danes; they do things right. According to an AP story Carlsberg employees went on strike when the company decided to remove workplace beer coolers and tighten up the rules surrounding workplace drinking.

Even better, the rules as you will read don’t apply to drivers as they are allowed to bring three beers with them on their routes. I guess to help loneliness.

1. Mankind & Technology: An Introduction

Mankind’s charm is its diversity. Some peoples still live in much the same manner as their ancestors did centuries ago, while others have embraced evolving technology so completely that they live in a manner that leaves their parents astonished and perplexed. Neither is better than the other as long as we maintain control of our lives and in our lives. We speak and, more importantly, think in hundreds of structurally different tongues. We […]

A Long Hiatus

I’ve been away too long. I was trying to write an essay on mankind versus technology and it got out of hand. I had five pages of inconsistently granular outline notes, 14 pages of essay written and only a handful of the outline notes completed. I was at a standstill: too much written, too many tangentially related points and way too pedantic.

It was time to stop and rethink what it […]