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Conflict of Interest: Home Appraisers and Lenders

So this is interesting. There was an article in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal called Reappraising Home Appraisers. It was written by James Hagerty (always give credit where credit is due). . I’ll quote some parts to it to give you a flavor, but to give you the gist of it. . Home appraisers are getting squeezed on a number of fronts. First, obviously, there’s no buying, no selling, no lending going on right now in […]

GM and the 230mpg car

It’s ironic isn’t it? For 40 years, ever since the first Oil Wars back in the early 70’s, Congress (well, actually, including Congress is a little debatable) and the American people have been prodding -even begging- GM, Ford and Chrysler to come up with more efficient automobiles. At times we castigated the industry into inaction and at other times we genuflected at the temple of Motown Manufacturing, sacrificing the environment and our pocketbooks in the […]

A technologist’s complaint: Why I hate email

Email is the greatest invention since …. well, yes, since sliced bread. It allows you to reach out to anyone anywhere anytime. Time and distance are non-events. You can send documents and photos, basically anything you want to everyone. And the best part about it is: it’s cheap! . Ummmm, actually, no, it’s not cheap at all. It comes at a heavy price. Look around you, look at all those people walking around chained to […]

Insurance and Capitalism, welcome bedfellows

Rick: Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. . The last line of Casablanca. I think of this line every time I think about insurance companies and capitalism. What a pair! If ever there was an industry made for capitalism, it’s the insurance industry. . First, class, let’s start with our definition, our formula: . …….. insurance = legalized gambling . It’s very simple actually, in the case of life insurance, […]

Congress and its $550 million jets

So Congress plans to spend $550 million to buy eight jets and upgrade their private jet fleet. And they’re doing this, while criticizing corporate America for having private jets and being out of touch with the public. You just can’t make this stuff up. And then they sit like starry-eyed deer in headlights when they are lambasted in town hall meetings. . What I find imminently entertaining is the explanation from Ellis Brachman, a spokesman […]

Jackass Politicians

Two weeks ago horror struck Westchester County when a drunk mother drove down the Taconic Parkway on the wrong side of the road and slammed into another car killing eight people five children. We have not gotten a breather from this story from the media for the last two weeks and the story has gotten uglier and uglier as we learn more and more. It was first assumed that the mother was sick or ill, […]