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Two in the bush: How to lower medical costs (and spur the economy at the same time)

How to lower medical costs and spur the economy Ok, not the complete solution for lowering medical costs but a step in the right direction … 30 years ago my sister had an appendectomy and it cost around $2,000. Eight years ago my daughter had an appendectomy and it cost roughly $10,000. This year a friend of mine had the same procedure and it cost $33,000. Okay, to be fair this last one was in […]

Some thoughts on GDP (and how to lower taxes)

Some thoughts on the US GDP Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is a fascinating little number. As a basic measure of an economy’s performance, it measures the market value of all goods and services made in a nation in a year. Simplistically one way (there are 3) to measure GDP is to add together: consumer spending (or consumption), business spending (or investment), government spending and the net of imports and exports. Taken straight from Wikipedia, the […]