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Woman Sues Google Maps: How to solve frivolous lawsuits

Unbelievable! A California woman is suing Google Maps for faulty directions she followed on her Blackberry. She crossed a snow-covered four-lane highway at 6am in Utah in January staring at her Blackberry. This is Darwin Awards material.

The complaint is here.

The case should be thrown out immediately for being completely frivolous. Her lawyer Allan Young of Young, Kester and Petro should be summarily disbarred for taking it on. I’m sorry but we just have to stop rewarding absolute stupidity and trying to turn it into winning the lottery.

Here’s what I propose to people thinking of instigating a frivolous lawsuit (and I understand you’re probably angry and hurt, but you probably have yourself to blame more than anyone or anything else):

  1. Gather all your facts and find a lawyer willing to take the case on.
  2. Before filing, you and the lawyer go purchase together $10 worth of lottery tickets.
  3. If you two win the grand prize, you are allowed to go ahead with the lawsuit.
  4. If you two don’t win the grand prize, you both get to honor your collective greed and stupidity by writing your community a check for $125,000.
  5. Oh, and should you two not win the grand prize, the lawyer gets disbarred.

That should begin to reduce frivolous lawsuits, don’t you think?

AT&T’s 3G Smartphone radio commercial

So AT&T is running a commercial that opens with an excited bunch of guys driving to the baseball game. And then they get stuck in traffic and begin wailing that they are going to miss the game. A voice over says: Let’s replay this with AT&T’s 3G smart phone.

Our boys are once again excited about going to the game and once again find themselves locked into bumper-to-bumper traffic. But Wait! Frankie’s got an AT&T Smartphone!! We can follow the game on his phone. We won’t miss any of the action because we can hear the play-by-play on the phone!!

And the voice over says (something along the lines of): AT&T 3G network: It’s as good as being there.

And I thought: Good as being there?!? I get “good as being there” for $70 a month? That’s great except I’m listening to this commercial on this “good as being there” free thingy (in every car today)  …. called a car radio.


1. Mankind & Technology: An Introduction

Mankind’s charm is its diversity. Some peoples still live in much the same manner as their ancestors did centuries ago, while others have embraced evolving technology so completely that they live in a manner that leaves their parents astonished and perplexed. Neither is better than the other as long as we maintain control of our lives and in our lives. We speak and, more importantly, think in hundreds of structurally different tongues. We record our languages dissimilarly using distinctively disparate alphabets and varying forms of logography, all recorded and read in incompatible directions. We can’t even find concurrence in something so functionally fundamental as eating utensils. We are wonderfully diverse.

Technology, on the other hand, is adamantly based upon standardization. Technology’s primary purpose is workforce reduction. While some might argue that technology creates jobs, that is a mere by-product, and when it does create jobs, it does not create as many as it would reduce.

It is no accident that we find ourselves here in the second decade of the twenty-first century in a world confused, full of strident obstructionism, mindless terrorism, empty mind-numbing political correctness and the ever-present dangerous 10-second sound-bite. It is no accident that we find more people objecting to ideas than those proffering potential suggestions.

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A technologist’s complaint: Why I hate email

Email is the greatest invention since …. well, yes, since sliced bread. It allows you to reach out to anyone anywhere anytime. Time and distance are non-events. You can send documents and photos, basically anything you want to everyone. And the best part about it is: it’s cheap!
Ummmm, actually, no, it’s not cheap at all. It comes at a heavy price. Look around you, look at all those people walking around chained to their Blackberrys (hmm, is it Blackberries?). Go to the beach or ski lodge and do you see all those people sitting around chatting and laughing and drinking? Ooops, nope, they are reading emails on the smart phones and responding.
To paraphrase Me & Bobby McGee: “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to do”. and, baby, we ain’t free anymore with these devices strapped to our wrists.